About us

Based in the Principality of Andorra, Inland Shipping & Trading aims to create value by holding and actively managing a diversified portfolio of investments and, providing services within the shipping industry.

Our activities include and active management of a portfolio of public traded securities related with the shipping industry, with the objective of value creation by chasing market inefficiencies and trends.

Having long term view of the business, and using our industry knowledge, experience and network, we offer comprehensive chartering services on the dry bulk segment, covering a wide range of cargoes and ship sizes.

More than 30 years of experience in Industrial supply. Maintaining an extensive inventory of industrial products and raw materials available. Direct access to extensive list worldwide leading manufacturers of industrial products, traders and commodity producers ready to cover any existing need.


Meet our expert activities


  • Actively managing a portfolio of publicly traded securities.
  • Shipping and commodity markets under constant surveillance, operating both short and long sides.
  • Focused on fundamentals and creating value by chasing market inefficiencies, identifying trends and shipping and commodity cycles.


  • Long term focused mindset.
  • Active in the dry cargo segment, covering a wide range of cargoes and ship sizes.
  • Detecting potential opportunities for our partners.
  • Local and international network of contacts (charterers, shipowners and other brokers) enhancing us to match the right cargo with the right vessel, by providing the valuable connections between the parties.
  • Very strong ethical approach, serving both the objective generating value for clients and partners at the same time than building sustainable long term relationships.
  • Sound Professional approach and capability of assisting during all the stages of the chartering process.

Commodity trading and Industrial supply

  • Dedicated to provide hard to find industrial needs.
  • Excellent customer service levels with more than 30 years of proved track records in this field, having direct contact with manufacturers, traders and suppliers.
  • Extensive physical inventory of available raw materials and industrial products ready to be shipped worldwide.
  • Interest to enlarge the list of local and international contacts and in the purchase of additional quantities of commodities and industrial goods.


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Principality of Andorra

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